Consulting targeting system development


System development since the 90s

I have worked with system development since the 20th century. That includes everything from strategy with architecture and design, to programming and integration with other systems.

Since my trainee time in 1998, my main work has almost exclusively been within the Oracle platform, databases and development tools. But I've also dealt with web development, java and standard systems.




Within Telecom, I have worked with Inventories for more than a decade. For example, created solutions for documenting fiber technology from ducts to WDM wavelengths. On several occasions, I have worked with migration between different Inventory systems and evaluated different solutions in the area.


Other industries

Other industries I have worked with are pharmaceuticals, travel, power, equestrian sports, and banking. Within banking, I have worked as team lead and tech lead for, among other things, solutions for GPDR thinning of personal data.

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